PACHINKO – Playing Guide and Rules to Playing Pachinko

PACHINKO – Playing Guide and Rules to Playing Pachinko

Pachinko-Game-Rules-and-StrategyPachinko Strategy Guide and Game Rules – How to Play Pachinko Online or at Land Casinos: Pachinko is not a well known game to most online casino players simply because it isn’t as readily available as other games. But it is catching on fast due to some very high quality versions being released. In essence, Pachinko is a hybrid between a pinball and slot machine, but it’s a lot more than that.

One way to picture the concept is of a vertical pinball machine where when balls strike certain posts and obstacles on their way down they release more balls and these balls can award prizes to the player. The original mechanical machines had flippers and dials that the player would use to control the speed of the balls in hopes of triggering better releases. Most balls will fall through but if you end up with more balls than you started with you have a winning session. Of course online you will be rewarded in cash, not balls to trade for prizes.

Online games vary in that many also have a sort of slot machine in the middle area. If a ball falls into a special trap you are awarded free balls and a spin on the slot element. In some, if all three numbers line up for wins on the slot screen you can win the Jackpot. Wins normally line up vertically but can be diagonally as opposed to mostly horizontally in American slots.

Pachinko with the slot element is technically called “Pachislo” in the parlors in Japan, but for now “Pachinko” works fine to describe the few available varieties on line. In Pachislo, which is much closer to the online version, the wins come from the slot wins rather than the balls themselves.

One of the most popular games currently available is Playtech’s Dolphin Paradise. It’s a flashy game with lots of sound effects to keep your senses excited and sharp. Many veteran pachinko players say Dolphin’s Paradise sets the current standard for online games.

When you start the game balls are launched every second or so until you stop them and the goal is to have them land in the ‘start’ hopper for slot wins. If a ball falls away it is lost for the game and can’t win you any money. You have power dials to control the speed or force that the balls are launched at so you will want to release them to land in the ‘start’ hopper if you can.

In this game if a ball falls into the ‘start’ catcher you receive 4 balls and the slot element spins. The winning lines that you hope numbers will line up on are vertically in the center and each way diagonally. The top and bottom reels come to stop before the center reel and if there is a lined up match on them, the middle reel creates a mini game. There are five mini games in Dolphin Paradise. The end result of these games is displayed after dolphins display fun antics.

If the end result is all 3 numbers matching up you have hit the jackpot and for each of the next 15 balls caught the machine will release 100 balls, effectively giving you 1500x your initial wager.

Pachinko is sure to catch on and when software developers begin to compete more aggressively we should see some amazing innovations that might just leave the slot machine as we know it today in the dust.

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