RED DOG POKER – Guide and Rules to Playing Red Dog Poker

RED DOG POKER – Guide and Rules to Playing Red Dog Poker

Red-Dog-Poker-Game-Rules-and-StrategyRed Dog Poker Playing Strategy Guide and Game Rules – How to Play Red Dog Poker Online or at Land Casinos: Red Dog Poker is the simplest of casino games to play other than perhaps Casino War. It is based on “Acey-Deucy“, sometimes called in-between.. It is increasingly difficult to find the game in a land casino but several online casinos offer it for the speed of play and easy to understand rules.

A standard 52 card poker deck is used. No Jokers. You will usually find a multi-deck shoe meaning there are up to eight decks of cards being dealt from. Unlike Blackjack, increasing the number of decks actually makes it easier for the Player to win as will be seen later in case of a tie.

Only 3 cards are used at a time in Red Dog and are they ranked 2-A with Ace High the same as in Poker. A wager is placed and two cards are dealt. If they are consecutive, i.e. a 2 and 3 or J and Q the hand is ruled a “push” and your wager is returned.

If the two cards are the same a 3rd card is dealt. If it is a ‘Triple’ or all 3 cards are the same, your wager will be paid out at 11:1. This is where additional decks actually work to the Player’s advantage as it is obviously easier to get three cards of the same number when using more than one deck. If the 3rd card dealt is not a “Triple” the hand is considered a “push” as before and your wager is returned.

If there is at least one card whose value can fall between the numbers of the first two cards you have the opportunity to double your wager.

Here is where the game gets more interesting. Depending on the ‘spread’ between the cards the pay out for a win be more or less. Obviously it is less likely to land a 7 in between a 6 and 8 than it would be for a card to fall somewhere in between a 2 and a King or Ace. Because its more rare to get a 3rd card inside a small spread, you are paid more when you bet that it will and succeed.

For instance if the first card is a 4 and the next card a 9 there are four cards that could fall between them; 5, 6, 7, and 8 making this lay up a 4 card spread. 4+ card spreads are paid at even money. 3 Card spreads are paid at 2:1, a 2 card spread at 4:1 and a 1 card spread is paid at 5:1.

The strategy for the game is simply to only raise when it is a 7 card spread or greater. No other situation gives you an advantage over the house. Of course many ante wagers will be lost before this situation arises but risking wagers at almost 3% house edge over a long session will not pay. Using the 7 card spread strategy the house edge is well under 3% overall with an 8 deck shoe.

The best strategy to suggest is to bet conservatively and hope for the wide spreads and triples, don’t raise unless the spread is 7 or more, and have fun!

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