Sports Betting Odds – Understanding Different Bet Types and Wagers

Sports Betting Odds

The sports betting odds are easier to understand the moment when you start using an online sportsbook. There you have access to a full list of the sports on which you can place bets and in case you click on any of them you get to see the bets that you can make and at the same time you can access the odds for each and every one of them. No matter on which sport you are planning to place your bets, it’s always best that you gain as much information as possible about the type of bets on which you can place money.

This means that the moment you will understand exactly how you can use the information that is available, you can start understanding better the odds. There are many sites out there that offer the chance to compare the odds of many different online sportsbook. This way it’s a lot easier to know what online sportsbook you should use for the bets that you intend to make and you are also to keep the odds in your favour.

Spread bets odds – The spread bets are definitely one of the bets that are easy to understand. You will basically need to wager on the outcome of a sporting event. This way based on the accuracy of the bet you can either win or lose. The odds at the spread bets are most of the time fixed and the odds are given out based on the statistics made by the online sportsbook and based on what the other bets were placed in the past, along with other factors that are taken into consideration.

Parlays – Are also known as an accumulator. What makes this bet to stand out of the crowd is the fact that it will link two or more individual bets together and it’s dependent 100% that all the wagers that you are making are winning ones. While this might seem a little bit more difficult to achieve, the great attraction of these bets is given by the fact that the payouts are a lot higher compared to the other single bets. The truth is that the payouts might be higher but the odds are lower. For example if a flip of coin offers 1:1 odds, in case you flip it twice, the true payout will automatically become 3:1. The same principle applies to the parlays.

Teasers – These are definitely a lot different compared to the other bets that you could make. You can make a bet on two different games. These types of bets are very familiar with the basketball and football. There are many types of teasers available out there, such as: super, special, big or monster teaser. The main difference between these bets is going to be most of the time the number of teams on which you place the bets.

Round robins – Just like the teasers these are multi team bets. However there are some differences. The number teams on which you can place bets start from 3 and goes up to 10. Here just like the parlays the risks are going to be higher and the same thing applies to the payouts.

Reverse bets – The reverse bets are a series of bets (contain two if: win tie or cancel) that can go both way forward and in a reversed order.

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