Sportsbook Blacklist – Scam Sportsbooks Online to Avoid at All Costs

The following list of online sportsbooks are “BlackListed” and are well known as scam sportsbooks that have ripped off, failed to payout and/or have a terrible financial situation that makes them not secure enough to play with. You should avoid the following online sportsbooks at all costs and play only with safe legal sportsbooks accepting USA citizens.

Avoid the Following Online Sportsbooks At All Costs! These are all BlackListed:

#1CyberSportbetting F

#1On-LineCasino F

000CrownCasino F

007Casino&Sportsbook F

100K Casino F

105Vig F

131Sport F

1800Sportswager F

1SportbettingSportsbook F

1SportWagering F

1stAccessSportsbook F

1stAmerican F

1stLines F

2001Sports F

2003BettingSportsbook F

21KBet F

21stCentury F

24SportsWeb F F

2For1Sportsbook F

2KSportsBet F

2WagerSports F

365DaysSportsbetting F

3Vig F

444Sports F

4SportsPicks F

5PercentJuice F

7RedSports F

877eWinner F

8888Sports F

88PokerAndCasino F

88Sports F

88Sportsbetting F

911Wager F

Aaronssportsbet F

Abetz F

AceInTheHole F

AcesAce F

AcesLoaded F

ActionJacksonSports F

ActionSports F

AdvanceSportsBetting F

AlladinsGold F

AllbetSportsbook F

AlliedSports F

AllSportsBets F

All-Sportsbook F

AmcoSportsbook F

AmericanFootballBetting F

Angel Dupree F

AnyTimeWager F

ArrowheadSports F

AtlantisBets F

AvatorCasino F

AverageJoeBets F

BaccaratCasino F

BasketballBettingGames F

BasketballSportsBetting F

Bestake F

BestBetSportsbook F

BestHockeyBetting F

BestSportsBettingLines F

BestSportsbook F

Bet Tango F

Bet-1 F

Bet29 F

Bet4Aces F

Bet4Charity F

Bet506 F

Bet7Moons F

Bet911 F

BetAfterBet F

BetAndWinNet F

BetAttack F

Bet-Bank F

BetBeyond F

BetBig247 F

BetBones F

BetBookie F

BetCascade F

BetCasinoAndSports F

BetCasinoSports F

BetChance F

BetChanger F

BetCities F




BetDealers F


BetEmpire F

BetFlamingo F

BetGateway F

BetGoldenEagleSports F

BetIslands F

BetJed F


BetMega F

BetMidas F+

BetNowOnline F

Betonbet F

BetOnline247 F

BetOnSports F

BetOnSportsBetting F

BetOnSportsbook F

BetOnSportsOnline F

BetOnStars F

BetPanam F

BetRevolution F

Bets4All F

Bets777 F


BetsInParadise F

BetSportz F

BetTheBook F

BettingCenter F

BettingFootballSportsLines F

BettingOnSports F

BettingSportslinesFootball F

BettorsBook F

BettorsTrust F

BetUSASports F




BigJuicyOdds F

BigNutzz F

BigSportsbook F

BigWorldCasino F

BlackBananaCasino F

BlackRhino F

BlockbusterBets F

BlueMarlin F

BohemianCasino F

BoneShooter F

BookASport F

Bookie-Casino F

BookieJoint F

BookieTime F

BookTheBet F

BookYourBet F

BoxSeatBetting F

BringMeLuck F

BringMeVegas F

BTCSportsBet F

BullishBets F

CaesarsCasinoSportsbook F

CaliforniaCasino F

CaliforniaSportsbook F

Camelot F

CaribbeanSports F

caribi F

Casineto F

Casino4Gamble F

CasinoCityOnline F

CasinoDepot F

CasinoFever F

CasinoFlamenco F

CasinoForPlayers F

CasinoKing F

CasinoLicenses F

CasinoMerlin F

CasinoOcho F

CasinoPenthouse F

CasinoPirata F

CasinoPlusSportsbook F

CasinoSahara F F

CasinoSpot F

CasinoToronto F

CasinoUniverse F

CasinoUnreal F

CaviarCasino F

CaymanSportsbook F

CelebritiesSportsbook F

CentralBetting F

ChampSportsbook F

ChangeABet F

Charter F

ClicknGamble F

ClubParadiseCasino F

ClubRio F

College-Basketball-Lines F

CompuCasino F

CompuSportsbook F

CosmoBet F

CreditSportsbook F

CreditWagering F

CrownIntertel F

CustomBets F

CyberBetPoker F

CyberBetz F

CyberBookies F

CyberCruiseCasino F

CypressSportsbook F

DailyDime F

DeucesDown F

DimeBetting F

DowntownPoker F

DragonWager F

DreamGirlCasino F

DunHillCasino F

EGN Global F

EmpireCasino F

EspnBets F

E-StadiumClub F

Europlay F

EWinner F

ExecutiveSportsbookDr F

EZSportsbetting F

Fantasy F

FantasyIsland F

FastTrackCasino F

FatCatGaming F

FeltStars F

FijiSportsbook F

FirstClassSportsbook F

FirstLiveCasino F

FirstNetSportsbook F

FootballBettingPointspreads F

FootballSportsBetsOnline F

FootballSportsBettingOnline F

ForSportsPicks F

FortressInternational F

FunPlexCasino F

G2GBet F

GambleOnSports F

GamblersPass F

GamblingDogLine F

GamblingSaloon F

GemCasino&Sportsbook F

Gibraltar F

Gigaming F

GlobalGamesCasino F

GlobalSportsnet F

GoldBetting F

Golden7 F

Golden8Sports F

GoldenBets F

GoldenIsland F

GoldenWager F

GoldPalace F

GoldStar F

GoldVictory F

GolfAndBet F

GolfingGods F

Goliath F

GoodBetCasino F

GoRake F

GoToBetFootball F

GoToSportsbetting F

GoWagers F

GrandHoliday F

GrandMasterSports F

GreekLuck F

HighRollerCasino F

HighRollers F

HighRollerSportsbetting F

HiRollerBets F

HitMyJackpot F

HomeBets F

HomeRunSportsBetting F

HoustonBet F

IdolBet F

IdolSportsbook F

IGotSportsbook F

InetSportsbook F

Infinity F

InsuredBet F

InteractiveGaming F

InternetGambler F+

InterXgaming F

IrishGambling F F

i-Sportsbook F

IWagerBig F

JackDaddys F

JackDaddysSportsbook F

JagSportsbet F

JavaSportsCasino F

Jerryssportbook F

JonWoodGaming F

JustForBettors F

KickBets F

KingsBet F

LasVegasAtNight F

LasVegasBetsOnline F

LasVegasCasinoSportsbetting F

LasVegasHot F

LasVegasOfficialBet F

LasVegasSportsbookDK F

LaunchCasino F

LazerWager F

LightSpeed F

LimelightCasino F

LionsLounge F

LionSportsbook F

LuckVegas F

LuckyDogSports F

Luckys F

LuckyStreetCasino F

MajorLineSports F

MajorSportsbetting F

Mango Bay Casino F

MaxiSportsbook F

MayaGaming F

MercurySports F

MetroGaming F

Millennium F

MobCasino F

MoneyBets F

MonkeyBet F

MrSportsbet F

MTLSportsBet F F

MvpSportsbook F

NationalSportsGambling F

NetBetz F

NewAgeBets F

NewWorldCasino F

NFLBettingPick F

NoJuice Sports F


OceanBreezePoker F

OceanCasinos F

OceansBet F

Oddsmaker F

OffshoreAction F

OffshoreIsland F

OklahomaSportsBetting F

Online-Casino F

OnlineGamble F F

OSWbets F

PalaceBet F

PamelaAndersonCasino F+

ParadiseSportsbook F

Parlaymakers F F

PitBossPlayer F

PlaceThatBet F

PlanetRockCasino F

Play121 F

PlayBanks F

PlayerCenter F

PlayersBet F

PlayersBigWorld F

PlayersCove F

PlayersSuperBook F

PlayersTime F

PlayFast.TV F

Playing24Hours F

PlayTheScore F

PointBet F

PokersDNA F

PokerSouls F

PopularPoker-Sportsbook F

PornSportbook F

PremierBet F

PremiumBettor F

PrimeTimeSports F

Pro5sports F

ProFootballLinesAndOdds F

ProsBet F

PulseBet F

PyramidSports F

QuakerCitySportsbook F

QuantumSportsbook F

QuickPaySports F

RCSbet F

RealBet F

RealTimeVegas F

RedRoyal F

Reno.Biz F

RichCoastSports F

RichmondHill F

RioNet F

RiversideWorldSports F

RKRsports F

RockIslandSports F

RoundersClub F

RoverSportsbook F

RoyalAces F

RoyalBetCasino F

RoyaleCasino F

RoyalPalm F

SafestBet F

SandalsWager F

SaturnSports F

Score F

ScoresSportsbook F

SelectWagering F

SexiestLasVegasCasino F+

Shilbet F

ShogunCasino F

SiegelsCasino F

Silvergate Casino F

SimpleNetBet F

SkytowerSports F

Sport55 F

SportsBetGambling F

SportsBetOnline F

SportsBettingCity F F

SportsbettingTrivia F

Sportsbook.LA F

Sportsbook777 F

SportsbookAction24 F

SportsbookAndPoker F

SportsbookCasino F

SportsbookLounge F

SportsbookMagic F

SportsbookNow F

SportsbookPayer F

SportsbookUSA F

SportsGamblingUSA F

SportsHaven F

SportsOnlineCasino F

SportsPlayingClub F

SportsPlayingWorld F

Sport-Stats F

SportsWager2000 F

SportsWageringOdds F

SportsWagerNow F

SportTipsUsa F

SpyCasino F


St Kitts F

StarLightCasino F

Sterling F

StockCarBets F

Stryyke F

SunCoastSportsbook F

SunnylandCasino F

SunsetSports F

SuperbowlSportsGamblingOnline F

SuperiorSportsbook F

SureBookie F

SynBet F


Telebet (ESB/EnglishSportsBetting) F

TheBookmaker F

TheECasino F

TheGambler F

TheOnlineBet F

ThePerfectSportsbook F

ThePointspread F

ThePool F

TheSportbook F


TommyGunCasino F

TotalSportsbetting F

TropicsCasino F

TwoForOneSports F

UBetAndWin F

UBetIBook F

Ultimate-Odds F

UnitedSportswager F

UnitedWager F

UniversalSports F

UniversitySportsbook F

URbetting F

USASportsbettingLines F

USAsportsbook F

USASportsCasino F

USDbet F

UWagerSports F

Vegas24 F

Vegas24Sportsbook F

VegasbettingLines F

VegasBook F

VegasLounje F

VegasOdds F

VegasOnlineSportsBetting F

VegasPalace F

VegasPlays F

VegasSammie F

Vegas-Sportsbetting F

VideoLasVegas F

VIPBetZone F

VirtualBookmaker F

VirtualSportsbookInternational F

VirtualWager F

V-Wager F

Wager123 F

WagerDaily F

WagerFree F

WagerMadness F

Wager-Mall F


WagerParadise F

WagerSports F

WagerUnit F

WagerWagon F

WCBets F

Webetnow F

WestCoastWagers F

WinAllYourBets F

WinBig.Biz F

WinMoney F

WinnersTime F

WorldBet F

WorldCasinosLtd F

WorldCasinoSportsBets F

WorldSportsbookCasino F

WorldWager F

WorldWideBet F


WWSportsbook F

Yahoops F

YouWinSportsbookCasino F

Zillmer Enterprise F

Zwinner F

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